0319234-A2 is referenced by 15 patents and cites 5 patents.

A novel method is disclosed by which paper and fabric are colored yellow. This coloring method comprises the step of transferring, under heating conditions, 2-pyridone compounds represented by the general formula (1) wherein R is a lower alkyl group, and R is an alkyl group, alkoxyalkyl group, aralkyl group, cycloalkyl group, alkenyl group or lower alkoxycarbonylmethyl group.

Coloring method by use of new yellow dyestuff and coloring base for thermal transfer for use in this method.
Application Number
EP19880311270 19881129
Publication Number
0319234 (A2)
Application Date
November 29, 1988
Publication Date
June 7, 1989
Mikoda Tamio
Igata Akitosi
Mitsui Toatsu Chemicals
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