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A refractory material composed of conventional fused or tabular alumina grains, bonded by a novel bonding phase that shows X ray diffraction lines characteristic of both sialon and silicon oxynitride, with the latter predominating, has a modulus of rupture at 1450 C of more than 350 bars and good thermal shock resistance. The material can be made by mixing appropriate amounts of silicon metal powder, fine reactive alumina, and a fine silica source such as bentonite clay with the alumina grains and a binder and dispersant liquid to form a refractory mass suitable for shaping, then shaping, and heating the shaped body in a nitrogen atmosphere.

Refractory ceramic material and preparation thereof.
Application Number
EP19880119489 19881123
Publication Number
0317980 (A2)
Application Date
November 23, 1988
Publication Date
May 31, 1989
Vayda John T
Norton Co
C04B 35/65
C04B 35/10
C04B 35/65
C04B 35/101
C04B 35/65
C04B 35/101
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