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A rotating piston machine has a housing (2) in which is mounted a shaft (5). In an annular space (1) are arranged rotating bodies which sealingly engage the walls of the annular space (1). Each rotating body (3, 4) has four outwardly extending sectorial wings (3a-3d, 4a-4d). Both rotating bodies (3, 4) are coaxially arranged; their wings (3a-3d, 4a-4d) are interlocked, so that at any time one wing of one rotating body is located between two wings of the other rotating body. A curved path regulator makes both rotating bodies turn with cyclic changes of their rotational speed and of the gap between the wings (3a-3d, 4a-4d) when the shaft is rotated (5). The curved path regulator has for each rotating body eight rollers which cooperate by adherence and without float with an inner and an outer curved paths.

Rotating piston machine.
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EP19870905199 19870722
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0316346 (A1)
Application Date
July 22, 1987
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May 24, 1989
Schukey Jurgen
Schukey Juergen
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