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Compounds of the general formula in which R denotes hydroxyl, lower alkoxy, amino, mono- or di-lower alkylamino; R denotes hydrogen, alkyl, alkoxy or halogen; R, R, R, R, R and R independently of one another denote hydrogen or lower alkyl; R and R together denote a methylene or hydroxymethylene group; R, R, R and R denote hydrogen or lower alkyl; or R and R together denote an oxo group or spirocyclo-lower alkyl; or R denotes hydrogen and R denotes hydroxyl or acetoxy; and one of the radicals R and R denotes hydrogen and the other denotes lower alkyl or trifluoromethyl, and physiologically tolerable salts of carboxylic acids of the formula I can be used as medicines, in particular for the treatment of neoplasias, acne and psoriasis.; The novel compounds can be prepared by synthesis of the C(R)=C(R) double bond according to Wittig from an appropriate bicyclic and an appropriate monocyclic component and, if appropriate, subsequent modification of functional groups.

Benzocyclohepten derivatives, their preparation and utilisation for pharmaceutics.
Application Number
EP19880118011 19881028
Publication Number
0315071 (A2)
Application Date
October 28, 1988
Publication Date
May 10, 1989
Mohr Peter Dr
Klaus Michael Dr
Hoffmann La Roche
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