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A bio-photosensor used to examine the function of various organs of a human body or the like. It has a flexible printed circuit board (FPC) (1) formed with an electric circuit, a light emitter (2) and a light receptor (3) mounted on the FPC (1) and connected to an electric cable (15) through the electric circuit, and a fixing tape (5) adapted to be put on the FPC applied to a finger or the like to fix it in position. In order to support the emitter and the receptor, a strip of flexible film is used. It can be fitted on the finger comfortably. Pairs of sensors (A1-A4) are provided around the light receptor (3) to check if the receptor is put in an exactly opposite position to the emitter when the bio-photosensor is put on the finger.; The FPC is provided with a mark at such a position that the emitter and the receptor will be opposed to each other when the bio-photosensor is applied to the finger with the mark in contact with the finger tip.

Application Number
EP19880117854 19881026
Publication Number
0315040 (A1)
Application Date
October 26, 1988
Publication Date
May 10, 1989
Kanda Masahiko
Awazu Kunio
Sumitomo Electric
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A61B 05/00
G01N 23/02
A61B 05/024
A61B 05/00
A61B 05/05
G01N 23/06
A61B 05/024
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