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In a Markov model speech recognition system, an acoustic processor generates one label after another selected from an alphabet of labels. Each vocabulary word is represented as a baseform constructed of a sequence of Markov models. Each Markov model is stored in a computer memory as (a) a plurality of states; (b) a plurality of arcs, each extending from a state to a state with a respective stored probability; and (c) stored label output probabilities, each indicating the likelihood of a given label being produced at a certain arc. Word likelihood based on acoustic characteristics is determined by matching a string of labels generated by the acoustic processor against the probabilities stored for each word baseform.; The present invention involves the specifying of label parameters and the constructing of word baseforms interdependently in a Markov model speech recognition system to improve system performance.

Automatic determination of labels and markov word models in a speech recognition system.
Application Number
EP19880115174 19880916
Publication Number
0314908 (A2)
Application Date
September 16, 1988
Publication Date
May 10, 1989
Picheny Michael Alan
Nahamoo David
de Souza Peter Vincent
Brown Peter Fitzhugh
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