0312431-A1 is referenced by 6 patents and cites 8 patents.

Remote-supervising method for remote detection by a common central station following the alarm signal. The method is characterised in that it consists in transmitting from each transmitter device (1) to the central station (2) at least one radio alarm signal at a randomly determined instant specific to each transmitter device (1) when one of the sensors (10) associated with the transmitter device (1) has detected an event signifying an alarm. The present invention finds application in particular for the protection of goods and/or persons.

Remote goods and/or persons supervising method.
Application Number
EP19880402547 19881010
Publication Number
0312431 (A1)
Application Date
October 10, 1988
Publication Date
April 19, 1989
Baudoin Michel
Central Multi Services
G08B 25/00
G08B 25/10
G08B 25/10
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