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The present invention relates to an articulation device for a rear wheel support on a motor vehicle structure. The device is characterised in that it comprises a rigid part (4) pivotally mounted on a fixed axis (6) coaxial with the pivot axis (3) of the support (1) and which is shrunk into a recess (12) in the support (1) with the insertion of a flexible sleeve (14) affording great flexibility in an essentially horizontal direction inclined in relation to the pivot axis (3) and low flexibility at right angles to this direction. The present invention prevents the wheel from adopting an open angle when cornering.

Trailing arm suspension for the rear wheel of a motor vehicle.
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EP19880402490 19880930
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0312425 (A1)
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September 30, 1988
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April 19, 1989
Froumajou Armand
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