0311100-A2 is referenced by 20 patents and cites 5 patents.

Compounds of the formula in which the dotted bond is optional, B represents OH or OC(O)R; C represents NHC(O)R or N=CH-NRR; R, R, R and R independently of one another represent straight-chain or branched alkyl, alkoxyalkyl, aralkyl, aryloxyalkyl or aryl, are active against retroviral infections, in particular AIDS.

Derivatives of dideoxycytidine, their preparation and pharmaceutical use.
Application Number
EP19880116655 19881007
Publication Number
0311100 (A2)
Application Date
October 7, 1988
Publication Date
April 12, 1989
Tam Steve
Partridge John Joseph
Hoffmann La Roche
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