0309225-A2 is referenced by 3 patents and cites 7 patents.

A lining composition is disclosed for a submerged entry pouring nozzle 10 used in the continuous casting of metals, particularly aluminum killed, low carbon steels. The lining 22 prevents harmful buildup of alumina and other oxides within the nozzle bore 12 which may cause premature nozzle clogging. The nozzle liner 22 comprises a carbon-bonded, SiAlO N-graphite refractory material. Small amounts of antioxidants and additional amounts of less expensive refractory grain or powder are also added to dilute the more expensive siAlON material.

Prevention of al2o3 formation in pouring nozzles and the like.
Application Number
EP19880308760 19880921
Publication Number
0309225 (A2)
Application Date
September 21, 1988
Publication Date
March 29, 1989
Park Han K
Hoggard Dale B
Vesuvius Crucible Co
C04B 35/58
B22D 41/08
C04B 35/597
B22D 41/52
B22D 41/02
C04B 35/597
B22D 41/54
B22D 41/02
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