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A fuel pressure regulator comprising a housing (10), a diaphragm (15) dividing the housing into a first chamber (16) and second chamber (17), a passage (22) into a first chamber (16), an inlet (23) and an outlet (24) to the second chamber (17) and a valve seat (26). A carrier (19) is mounted on the diaphragm (15) and is urged by a first spring (21) toward the valve seat (26). The carrier (19) supports a plate (28) that has an opening (29) therein. A valve (30) has a hollow tubular closed end portion (31) that projects through the opening (29) in the plate (28) for engagement with the valve seat (26) and a peripheral portion (32) that retains the valve (30) between the carrier (19) and the plate (28).; A second spring (33) is interposed between the carrier (19) and extends into the tubular portion (31) of the valve to yieldingly urge the valve (30) toward the valve seat (26) and permit relative movement therebetween. The opening (29) of the plate (28) is larger than the tubular portion (31) of the valve and the valve (30) is movable transversely to provide for proper centering of the valve in the valve seat (26).

Fuel pressure regulator.
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EP19880101296 19880129
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0307532 (A2)
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January 29, 1988
Publication Date
March 22, 1989
Rische Kenneth L
Affeldt Roger D
Tom Mcguane
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