0305919-A1 is referenced by 22 patents and cites 4 patents.

High purity methane and carbon dioxide are recovered from landfill gas in an integrated multi-column adsorption system having a temperature swing adsorption section (TSA) for pretreatment of the crude landfill gas to remove trace impurities therefrom, the thus cleaned gas being fed to a pressure swing adsorption section (PSA) for bulk separation of CO2 from methane. Regeneration of the impurity-laden adsorbent bed of the TSA section is carried out using part of the CO2 product gas recovered from the PSA section which gas is heated to thermal regeneration temperature.

Recovery of methane from land fill gas.
Application Number
EP19880113934 19880826
Publication Number
0305919 (A1)
Application Date
August 26, 1988
Publication Date
March 8, 1989
Koch William Rohrer
Sircar Shivaji
Vansloun John Kevin
Kumar Ravi
Air Prod & Chem
C07C 09/04
C07C 07/12
B01D 53/04
C07C 07/00
B01D 53/047
B01D 53/04
C10L 03/00
C07C 07/12
B01D 53/047
B01D 53/04
C10L 03/10
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