0299681-A2 is referenced by 1 patents and cites 5 patents.

A supporting structure for a large laboratory flask comprising a supporting frame (11), a ring or hoop (15) swivelly attached to said frame, flask supporting straps (25) suspended from said ring, and locking and unlocking means (17, 17a, 19, 19a) cooperating between said frame and said ring in a fixed or swivelling condition.

Flask support system.
Application Number
EP19880306217 19880707
Publication Number
0299681 (A2)
Application Date
July 7, 1988
Publication Date
January 18, 1989
Newland Robert M
Cannon David M
Yakulis George Jr
Instr For Research And Industr
B01L 09/00
B01L 09/00
B01L 09/00
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