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This improved tyre is made at least partially of a rubber compsn. The rubber compsn. comprises a silane cmpd.-modified rubbery polymer (1) (10 wt% or more) and silica (5-200% of (1)). (1) is produced by preparing a living polymer through polymerisation of monomer(s) using an organic alkali metal catalyst and reacting the active terminals of the living polymer with a silane cpd. of formulae (I), (II). XnSi(OR)mR'4-m-n (I) Si(OR)mR'4-m (II) where in (I) X represents one of the halogen atoms, Cl, Br, I; or represents a non-hydrolysable 1-20C alkoxy group, aryloxy or cycloalkoxy group (preferred 6-20C aryloxy gp.); R' represents a 1-20C alkyl, aryl, vinyl or halogenised alkyl gp; M is an integer between 1 and 4; n=0, 1 or 2; m + n = 2, 3 or 4: in (II) OR represents a non-hydrolysable 4-20C alkoxy, aryloxy or cycloalkoxy group; R' is the same as in (I); m = 2,3 or 4; preferred OR is a 6-20C aryloxy group. (I) is obtained by reacting 0.7 molecule of silane cmpd. per one active terminal of the living polymer.

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EP19870906463 19871003
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0299074 (A1)
Application Date
October 3, 1987
Publication Date
January 18, 1989
Fujimaki Tatsuo
Komatsu Hideki
Fukuoka Hiromi
Hamada Tatsuro
C08K 03/36
C08L 15/00
C08C 19/00
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C08C 19/44
B60C 01/00
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