0296560-A2 is referenced by 141 patents and cites 5 patents.

A cyclic amine compound is defined by the formula: in which J is indanyl, indanonyl, indenyl, indenonyl, indanedionyl, tetralonyl, benzosuberonyl, indanolyl or a divalent group thereof, K is phenyl, an arylalkyl or cynnamyl, B is -(CHR22)r-, R22 being H or methyl, -CO-(CHR22)r-, =(CH-CH=CH)b-, =CH-(CH2)c- or =(CH-CH)d= and the ring including T and Q is piperidine. The compound is useful for the preparation of pharmaceutical compositions and for medicaments effective against senile dementia.

Cyclic amine compound, its use and pharmaceutical compositions comprising it.
Application Number
EP19880109924 19880622
Publication Number
0296560 (A2)
Application Date
June 22, 1988
Publication Date
December 28, 1988
Yamatsu Kiyomi
Kozasa Michiko
Kusota Atsuhiki
Kosasa Takashi
Araki Shin Kashiwa Mansion
Ogura Hiroo
Yamanashi Yoshiharu
Sasaki Atsushi
Iimura Yuoichi
Karibe Norio
Higurashi Kunizou
Tsuchiya Yutaka
Sugimoto Hachiro
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