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Method for analyzing the complex motions of a horse in motion, consisting in: a) placing on the horse (the saddle, for example), in actual movement, measurement means, (accelerometers, gyrometers, inertial unit) by means of which the speeds of linear motion are measured according to the three axes X, Y, Z and, optionally, of motion in rotation along these same axes; b) using these measurements to draw the curves which represent, by repetitive periods, variations in speed and position for the linear motions and optionally for the motions in rotation; c) analyzing these curves so as to determine the horse's performance levels and aptitudes for different speeds, figures and jumps, according to the various desired uses.

Method for analyzing and simulating the motions of a horse.
Application Number
EP19880401389 19880608
Publication Number
0296023 (A1)
Application Date
June 8, 1988
Publication Date
December 21, 1988
Yung Jean Marie
Le Guennic Yannick
Jouffroy Jean Louis
Granier Jean Pierre
Fortain Claude
Durand Pierre
Daveine Michel
Abdalah Ahmed
Ecole Nationale D Equitation
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