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A crosslinked polymer liquid crystal is stretched to provide a polymer liquid crystal layer (5) with a higher degree of uniform alignment than a non-crosslinked polymer liquid crystal. Such a stretched layer of crosslinked polymer liquid crystal (5) is disposed between a pair of substrates (4,12) to form a liquid crystal device showing a better contrast as a recording medium or display device. The improvement in alignment obtained by stretching of a crosslinked polymer liquid crystal is also effective in increasing the responsive characteristics in response to an electric field or magnetic field and also the pyroelectric effect of the resultant polymer liquid crystal layer where the polymer liquid crystal is a ferroelectric one.

Polymer liquid crystal device.
Application Number
EP19880108910 19880603
Publication Number
0293911 (A2)
Application Date
June 3, 1988
Publication Date
December 7, 1988
Kurabayashi Yutaka
Miyazaki Takeshi
Yoshinaga Kazuo
Ohnishi Toshikazu
G02F 01/137
C09K 19/38
C09K 19/02
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C09K 19/40
C09K 19/38
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C09K 19/40
C09K 19/38
G02F 01/13
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