0293219-A2 is referenced by 44 patents and cites 2 patents.

A power converter device, including a plurality of self-commutated voltage type converters each connected to a common dc circuit, a plurality of transformers each having dc windings and ac windings, each of the dc windings being connected to an ac output terminal of one of the converters, respectively, and each of the ac windings connected in series, an ac switch means through which the serially connected ac windings of the transformers are connected to utility power systems, a capacitor provided in the common dc circuit, a dc over-voltage suppression means installed in the common dc circuit, and a current limiting means, whereby the capacitor in the common dc circuit is charged through the current limiting means before starting the self-commutated voltage type converters, and then connected the dc over-voltage suppression means to the common dc circuit,; and removed after the self-commutated voltage type converters are started.

Power converter device.
Application Number
EP19880304820 19880527
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0293219 (A2)
Application Date
May 27, 1988
Publication Date
November 30, 1988
Seki Nagataka C O Patent Divis
Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co
H02M 07/515
H02M 07/48
H02M 01/16
H02M 07/497
H02M 01/16
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