0292936-A2 is referenced by 114 patents and cites 5 patents.

A device for administering solid or semisolid preparations in an organism subcutaneously. The equipment comprises a barrel (3) having a nozzle (5) for attachment of a hollow needle (4), a plunger (2) slidably arranged in the barrel and is used in combination with a guide member (15) adapted to be snugly accommodated within the lumen of the barrel. The solid preparations (16) are generally housed in the guide member and/or needle and forced into the body subcutaneously through the needle.

Device for administering solid preparations.
Application Number
EP19880108328 19880525
Publication Number
0292936 (A2)
Application Date
May 25, 1988
Publication Date
November 30, 1988
Himeshima Kenji
Takada Yoshihiro
Tamura Nobuhiko
Fujioka Keiji
Sumitomo Pharma
A61M 37/04
A61M 37/00
A61M 36/00
A61M 31/00
A61M 37/00
A61M 36/00
A61M 31/00
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