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The present invention relates to methods for selectively reducing NOx so that nitrogen can be removed from emission effluent streams and NOx emissions can be reduced to very low levels. In addition, the present invention teaches a method whereby NOx and SOx may be simultaneously removed from the effluent stream. The present invention teaches the reduction of NOx with -NH and -CN containing selective reducing agents such as ammonium sulfate, urea, NH3, and cyanuric acid. Initially, the selective reducing agent is decomposed in a fuel-rich environment to form highly reactive decomposition products.; The reaction of the selective reducing agent to produce its decomposition products, such as NH, NH2, isocyanic acid, and related reaction intermediates, takes place in an oxygen-free, fuel-rich decomposition zone with the reaction temperature in the range of from about 300 DEG F (150 DEG C) to about 3000 DEG F (1650 DEG C). After the selective reducing agent is decomposed in the absence of oxygen, the decomposition products are contacted with the effluent stream containing NOx. At this point the oxygen level of the stream must be carefully controlled to provide an excess of oxygen so that the selective reduction of the NOx species will occur. It may be necessary at this point to inject air into the effluent stream in order to maintain the proper oxygen-rich (fuel-lean) conditions for NOx reduction.; In this second "reaction zone," NOx reduction takes place at temperatures of from approximately 500 DEG F (260 DEG C) to approximately 2600 DEG F (1425 DEG C). The present invention can also be used in conjunction with SOx control technology. Specifically, species used to control SOx, such as limestone, dolomite, quicklime, and hydrated lime, can be added in conjunction with the selective reducing agent for simultaneous NOx and SOx control.

Methods of removing nox and sox emissions from combustion systems using nitrogenous compounds.
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0287224 (A2)
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March 23, 1988
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October 19, 1988
Pershing David W
Chen Shih L
Mccarthy James M
Heap Michael P
Energy & Environ Res
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