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Biodegradable contaminants are absorbed or picked up from waste air or waste gases and transported by a scrubbing fluid and degraded by microorganisms, and at least a part of the scrubbing fluid and/or the fluid contained in a cleaning device is circulated. The scrubbing fluid which is to be purified and is rich in the waste gases or contaminants is introduced into a mixture essentially consisting of water and/or scrubbing fluid in a reactor part space. The scrubbing fluid and reactor fluid introduced pass into or through the remaining reactor space forming circulating flows or vortices, the formation of the circulating flows or vortices being controlled or assisted by the scrubbing fluid, which has been introduced and is to be purified, preferably by the pressure of the scrubbing fluid feed pump, and/or by at least one stirrer.

Process and apparatus for cleaning exhaust air or gases.
Application Number
EP19880102339 19880218
Publication Number
0282750 (A1)
Application Date
February 18, 1988
Publication Date
September 21, 1988
Glass Reinhard Dipl Ing
C02F 03/12
B01D 53/14
B01D 53/00
C02F 03/02
B01D 53/84
B01D 53/14
C02F 03/02
B01D 53/84
B01D 53/14
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