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The present invention relates to methods and materials for the detection of ketone and aldehyde analytes in fluid samples by means of reacting analyte containing samples with a first solid matrix material to which a nitroprusside salt is coupled and a second solid matrix material to which an amine is covalently coupled. Methods and devices are also provided for ascertaining the fat catabolism effects of a weight loss dietary regimen comprising determining the breath acetone concentration of the subject.

Method and device for ketone measurement.
Application Number
EP19870119013 19871222
Publication Number
0279069 (A2)
Application Date
December 22, 1987
Publication Date
August 24, 1988
Rutnarak Sangvorn
March Steven C
George Richard W
Kundu Samar K
Abbott Lab
G01N 33/64
G01N 33/52
G01N 33/497
G01N 33/64
A61B 05/08
G01N 33/64
A61B 05/083
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