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Between two anchoring elements (4, 5), the new joint endoprosthesis (3) consists of a compressible, elastic hollow body (6), which delimits a closed hollow cavity (7). This hollow cavity (7) is filled with a free-flowing, non-compressible medium (8), for example with a fluid tolerated by the body. With the new prosthesis, when pressure loading occurs in the vicinity of the edge, tensile forces on the anchoring elements (4, 5) and their connections to the bone tissue are avoided by a displacement of free-flowing fluid volume into the "unloaded" area of the prosthesis.

Joint endoprosthesis.
Application Number
EP19870115639 19871024
Publication Number
0277282 (A1)
Application Date
October 24, 1987
Publication Date
August 10, 1988
Planck Heinrich M F Dr Ing
Koch Rudolf
Frey Otto
A61F 02/44
A61F 02/44
A61F 02/44
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