0276995-A2 is referenced by 7 patents and cites 3 patents.

A method for forming identifying indicia (20) on a cathode ray tube (1) applies a paint (P) containing a powdered metal to a particular exterior surface portion of a glass envelope, forming a part of the cathode ray tube (1), to form a solid paint layer. Then at least a part of the solid paint layer (Pa) is irradiated with a laser beam (L) to form the identifying indicia (20) represented by at least one trace of plasticized deformation on a surface region of the solid paint layer.

Method of forming identifying indicium on cathode ray tubes.
Application Number
EP19880300680 19880127
Publication Number
0276995 (A2)
Application Date
January 27, 1988
Publication Date
August 3, 1988
Okazaki Yuji
Matsushita Mitsuru
Ohtsuka Tetsuya
Yokoyama Keishi
Mitsubishi Electric
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H01J 09/00
H01J 09/00
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