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A contact lens possessing a wettable surface in its ocular aqueous environment of use fabricated from a hydrophobic addition polymer incorporating between about 0.5 and about 30 % by weight oxirane substituted units in the backbone thereof, wherein the outer surfaces of said lens contain an effective hydrophilicity inducing amount of a reaction product of said oxirane substituted units of the formula I, wherein R is hydrogen or methyl; R is carbonyl or lower alkylene; n is 1 to 4; and R is hydrogen or with a reactive water soluble nucleopile selected from an organic amine, alcohol, thiol, urea or thiourea, or sulfite, bisulfite or thiosulfate and the use thereof by placement in the eye of a patient in need of the same to correct vision defects of a refractive nature.

Wettable surface modified contact lens fabricated from an oxirane containing hydrophobic polymer.
Application Number
EP19870810731 19871209
Publication Number
0276631 (A1)
Application Date
December 9, 1987
Publication Date
August 3, 1988
Muller Karl Friedrich
Goldenberg Merrill
Ciba Geigy
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