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A crystal (4) is provided to channel electrons or positrons of precisely defined energy. The emission of photons takes place on the basis of the effect that periodically accelerated charged particles emit electromagnetic radiation. The emitted photons are tuned to X-ray energies of desired magnitude by setting the electron or positron confinement energy. The generation of the electrons or positrons can be performed in an accelerator (2) via a collimator (3). A filter system (6) can be connected downstream of the crystal.

X-ray source.
Application Number
EP19870118337 19871210
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0276437 (A1)
Application Date
December 10, 1987
Publication Date
August 3, 1988
Huber Max Prof Dr
Pfeiler Manfred Dr
Knupfer Wolfgang Dr
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G21K 01/00
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H01J 35/00
G21K 05/00
G21K 05/02
H05G 02/00
H01J 35/00
G21K 05/08
G21K 05/02
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