0274734-A1 is referenced by 41 patents and cites 1 patents.

A tablet for pharmaceutical use able to release active substances at successive times, comprising at least: a first layer containing a portion of the active substance with suitable excipients, a barrier layer of polymer material gellable and/or soluble in water and/or aqueous liquids, which is interposed between said first layer and a third layer containing the remaining portion of active substance with suitable excipients, said barrier layer and said third layer being housed in a casing consisting of polymer material impermeable and insoluble in water or soluble in an alkaline environment. The part of the active substance not inserted in the casing is immediately available for dissolving, whereas the part inserted in the casing is available only after dissolution or rupture of the barrier layer and/or after solubilization of the casing.

Tablet for pharmaceutical use with release at successive times.
Application Number
EP19870119166 19871223
Publication Number
0274734 (A1)
Application Date
December 23, 1987
Publication Date
July 20, 1988
Conte Ubaldo
Colombo Paolo
La Manna Aldo
A61K 09/22
A61K 09/24
A61K 09/24
A61K 09/20
A61K 09/24
A61K 09/20
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