0262594-A2 is referenced by 9 patents and cites 4 patents.

A process for removing substantial quantities of volatile liquid e.g. hydrocarbon from a mixture of polymer and such liquid is provided. This process consists of the initial step of introducing the mixture, and a liquid which is immiscible with the polymer, into a mixing/kneading zone provided with heated heat transfer surfaces having a temperature higher than the boiling point of the lowest boiling liquid component in the mixing/kneading zone. The mixture and the immiscible liquid are subjected to a period of continuous mixing and kneading within the mixing/kneading zone, to bring the mixture into continuously moving contact with the heat transfer surfaces. During this period of continuous mixing/kneading, the heated heat transfer surfaces are repeatedly mechanically cleaned to prevent buildup of solid polymer thereon.; Volatilized liquid is vented from the mixing/kneading zone during the period of continuous mixing and kneading, and the polymer and residual liquid is subsequently discharged from the mixing/kneading zone.

Polymer recovery from solution.
Application Number
EP19870113995 19870924
Publication Number
0262594 (A2)
Application Date
September 24, 1987
Publication Date
April 6, 1988
Reed Jeffery Thomas
Shepherd Kenneth Charles
Padliya Dilipkumar
C08F 06/06
B01D 11/02
C08F 06/00
B29C 47/76
B29C 47/10
B29B 07/00
B01F 07/02
B01D 11/02
C08F 06/12
B29C 47/76
B29C 47/10
B29B 07/84
B01F 07/04
B01D 11/02
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