0260965-A2 is referenced by 51 patents and cites 7 patents.

A device for assaying biological fluids for molecules contained therein comprising a container (10), material situated in the container for absorbing fluid (20) and in communication with an antibody or antigen impregnated matrix (24), wherein the matrix is accessible to the exterior of the container through a funnel shaped aperture (26) in the roof of the container. Further features include a chemical drying agent (18) associated with the container for absorbing moisture, thereby preventing inactivation of the assay reagents, and a filter (28) situated above the antibody or antigen impregnated matrix, and in communication with the matrix through the aperture in the roof of the container. The filter removes interfering substances present in the biological fluids, and provides protein blocking agents to the matrix material for decreasing the background of the assay.

Immunodiagnostic device.
Application Number
EP19870308227 19870917
Publication Number
0260965 (A2)
Application Date
September 17, 1987
Publication Date
March 23, 1988
Fan Eugene
Chen Fon Chiu Mia
Wong Siu Yin
Pacific Biotech
G01N 33/76
G01N 33/543
G01N 33/74
G01N 33/543
A61B 10/00
G01N 33/76
G01N 33/543
A61B 10/00
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