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A method for measurement or detection of a component of an aqueous liquid sample, said method comprising: placing a sample, possibly containing the component to be analysed, into a reaction zone in a reaction cell, said reaction cell comprising at least two electrodes having an impedance which renders them suitable for amperometric or voltammetric processes, and said reaction zone comprising a thin layer of reaction liquid of thickness less than about 0.2 millimeter overlying one of said electrodes, said electrode being capable of electrochemically reacting with an oxidisable or reducible substance, reacting said component, if present, directly or indirectly with a redox reagent in said zone, thereby to form in said zone directly or indirectly a quantity corresponding in amount to the amount of said component present in said zone,; of an electrochemically oxidisable or reducible substance capable of electrochemically reacting with said electrode, and being different from said redox reagent, and electrochemically detecting or estimating the quantity of said oxidisable or reducible substance in said zone as an index of said component to be measured or detected.

Method and apparatus for electrochemical measurements.
Application Number
EP19870306513 19870723
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0255291 (A1)
Application Date
July 23, 1987
Publication Date
February 3, 1988
Burns Ian William
Birch Brian Jeffrey
G01N 27/46
G01N 27/42
C12M 01/40
G01N 27/416
C12Q 01/00
G01N 27/416
C12Q 01/00
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