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A composite material skin (42) is attached to a composite material support structure (26) by a plurality of metal lock bolts (64). A foraminous metal material (44) is embedded in the matrix of the outer layer of the skin (42) and positioned outwardly of reinforcing graphite fibers. The metal (44) is preferably copper in a knitted, woven, or expanded metal configuration. The metal (44) is in direct electrical contact with the graphite fibers to disperse current throughout the skin (42) and is sufficiently proximate to the lock bolts (64) to divert current away from the bolts (64). Each bolt (64) is surrounded by an expanded sleeve (74) and fits tightly within the sleeve (74) to provide good electrical contact between the bolt (64) and the skin (42).; The inner end (70) of the bolt (64) has parallel grooves (72) thereon, and a collar (76) is swaged onto the end (70) to prevent arc plasma from escaping into the interior of the aircraft. The inner end of a removable threaded fastener (28) is sealed by a dielectric cap (86). A ground stud (92) is provided with an expanded sleeve (74'') and a collar (76).

Lightning protection system for conductive composite material structure.
Application Number
EP19860202176 19861128
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0248122 (A2)
Application Date
November 28, 1986
Publication Date
December 9, 1987
Brick Rowan O
Boeing Co
H05F 03/00
B64D 45/02
F16B 19/04
F16B 05/00
B64D 45/00
F16B 19/05
F16B 05/04
B64D 45/02
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