0243686-A2 is referenced by 43 patents and cites 4 patents.

A beta-lactam compound of the formula: , or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, which is useful as an anti-microbial agent or an intermediate in the synthesis of anti-microbial agents.

Beta-lactam compounds, and their production.
Application Number
EP19870104497 19870326
Publication Number
0243686 (A2)
Application Date
March 26, 1987
Publication Date
November 4, 1987
Kato Masuhiro C O Sumitomo Pha
Fukasawa Masatomo C O Sumitomo
Inoue Takaaki C O Sumitomo Pha
Matsumura Haruki C O Sumitomo
Sunagawa Makoto C O Sumitomo P
Sumitomo Pharma
C07D 499/00
C07D 487/04
A61K 31/43
A61K 31/40
C07D 499/00
C07D 477/00
C07D 499/88
C07D 477/20
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