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In a hairdryer, heating fan or the like for connection to an AC voltage source (1), having a heating resistor (2) with, if required, a plurality of sections, and having a fan motor (3), preferably designed as a DC motor, in which switches are provided for switching on and off the fan motor (3) and the heating resistor (2) as well as, preferably, a rectifier circuit (7) associated with the fan motor (3), a true cold stage can be implemented using simple circuit devices in that the fan motor (3), if required together with the rectifier circuit (7), and a capacitor arrangement (8) are arranged in a series circuit (9) and the series circuit (9) is connected in parallel with the heating resistor (2).

Hair dryer, heating fan or the like.
Application Number
EP19870105519 19870414
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0242777 (A2)
Application Date
April 14, 1987
Publication Date
October 28, 1987
Hafemann Klaus
Wik Elektro Hausgeraete
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H05B 03/00
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H05B 03/00
A45D 20/30
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