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Single-compartment, self-erasing, solution-phase electrochromic devices, solutions of electrochromic compounds for use as media of variable transmittance in such devices, and electrochromic compounds for such solutions are provided. The devices of the invention are surprisingly stable to cycling between light and dark states, have continuously variable transmittance to light as a function of electrical potential applied across the solution in a device, and have transmittance that can be varied over more than a factor of 10, from clear to dark or from dark to clear, in several seconds. Thus, the devices are especially suitable as variable transmittance components of variable transmission light filters, including windows, and variable reflectance mirrors, including anti-glare rearview mirrors in automobiles.; Also provided are improved variable reflectance mirrors, wherein transmittance of reflected light is varied by thermochromic, photochromic or electro-optic means and wherein the reduction in transmittance which is required to eliminate perceptible reflection of an object to the eyes of an observer is reduced by disposing the plane of the highly reflective surface of the mirror at an angle with respect to the plane of the surface through which light from the object enters the mirror.

Single compartment, self-erasing, solution-phase electro-chromic devices solutions for use therein, and uses thereof.
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EP19870302530 19870324
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0240226 (A2)
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March 24, 1987
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October 7, 1987
Byker Harlan Jay
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