0238289-A2 is referenced by 39 patents and cites 5 patents.

A slot machine having a plurality of symbol series (3, 4, 5) disposed side by side and movable lengthwise independently, selects a combination of symbols at a winning line which is judged whether it coincides with any one of a set of predetermined winning-prize symbol combinations to pay out a predetermined number of coins. At least one of the symbol series includes a special mark (22) as distinguished from the symbols. When the slot machine selects a combination corresponding to any one of the predetermined winning-prize symbol combinations with one of its symbols replaced with the special mark, the slot machine pays out coins as a special dividend the number of which is larger than that of coins to be paid out upon the one predetermined winning-prize symbol combination.

Slot machine.
Application Number
EP19870302235 19870316
Publication Number
0238289 (A2)
Application Date
March 16, 1987
Publication Date
September 23, 1987
Okada Kazuo
G07F 17/34
G07F 17/32
A63F 05/04
A63F 09/00
G07F 17/34
G07F 17/32
A63F 05/04
A63F 09/00
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