0235859-A2 is referenced by 4 patents and cites 4 patents.

A shock protection circuit utilizing an immersion detection current interrupter for use in small electrical applicnaces wherein the combination of a solenoid or a relay plus a sensor will cause an interruption of the power leads of a small appliance and the mechanical latching of the relay or solenoid contacts in an open position when the presence of an electrically conductive fluid is detected. In one embodiment, the sensor remains conductive at a safe level, while in a second embodiment power to the sensor is also interrupted. Both embodiments are immune to electrical noise.

Shock protective circuit with mechanical latch for small appliances.
Application Number
EP19870200299 19870223
Publication Number
0235859 (A2)
Application Date
February 23, 1987
Publication Date
September 9, 1987
Madsen Elmer Wilbur
H02H 05/08
H02H 07/22
H02H 05/00
H02H 05/08
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