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A connector assembly is composed of a housing component (20) having connection contacts (40) accessible via an opeing (2l). An operating member (30) locates with the component (20) and has a plate-like body (33) engaging in the opening (2l) thereof. The body (33) presents an array of cams (35) which compress the contacts (40) when the member (30) is displaced to urge the body (33) within the opening (2l) to an initial extent. A further opening (3l) in the operating member (30) receives a group of conductors (5l) which can be inserted fully and freely into channels (36) in the body (33) beneath cantilevered portions (4l) of the contacts (40) compressed by the cams (35). The cams (35) are dimensioned to release the contact portions (4l) which then grip the conductors (5l) when the member (30) is further dispalced to insert the body (33) further within the opening (2l).

Electrical connector assembly.
Application Number
EP19870301027 19870205
Publication Number
0234780 (A1)
Application Date
February 5, 1987
Publication Date
September 2, 1987
Narita Hiroshi
Awano Yoshiyuki
Du Pont
H01R 13/193
H01R 12/00
H01R 04/48
H01R 12/08
H01R 04/48
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