0231499-A1 is referenced by 13 patents and cites 6 patents.

An activatable time-temperature indicator consists of an oxygen-sensitive reaction product of a triarylmethane dye and a decolorant that is coated on a substrate and covered by an oxygen barrier. Optionally, an oxygen-permeable layer is between the coating and the oxygen barrier. The indicator is activated by removing the oxygen barrier. Following this activation step, a progressive color development occurs at a rate that increases with temperature. The indicator is useful for monitoring the freshness of perishable products, particularly those stored at sub-ambient temperature.

Activatable time-temperature indicator.
Application Number
EP19860117561 19861217
Publication Number
0231499 (A1)
Application Date
December 17, 1986
Publication Date
August 12, 1987
Bhattacharjee Himangshu Ranjan
G01K 03/04
G01N 31/22
G01K 03/00
G01N 21/77
G01N 31/22
G01K 03/04
G01N 21/78
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