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A therapeutic device for iontophoresing cation and anion comprises oscillating means (A) for generating a low-frequency current in which an undirectional current is superposed on a dc current; means (S) for switching at time intervals the output polarity of said oscillating means; and electrode means (P) which contains an ionized medicament and acts as the active electrode; and further electrode means (E) which acts as the dispersive electrode. A high efficacy which is difficult to attain by iontophoresing either cation or anion alone is possible by allowing the whole of an ionized medicament such as aminovinyl photosensitizing dye or kojic acid to penetrate into the deeper part of the skin with the therapeutic device disclosed.

Therapeutic device for iontophoresing cation and anion.
Application Number
EP19860309771 19861215
Publication Number
0230749 (A1)
Application Date
December 15, 1986
Publication Date
August 5, 1987
Masaki Kazumi
Hayashibara Ken
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A61N 01/32
A61N 01/30
A61N 01/32
A61N 01/30
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