0218327-A2 is referenced by 6 patents and cites 6 patents.

A swim tank (11) slightly longer than a human and slightly wider than the maximum spread between fingertips is divided into upper (13) and lower channels (14) by members extending across the width of the tank and having a rectangular outlet (14) at the top front through which water is expelled. A vaned wheel (15) at the rear is driven by an induction motor (19) from a power source of controlled frequency.

Control of the flow in a tank.
Application Number
EP19860306080 19860806
Publication Number
0218327 (A2)
Application Date
August 6, 1986
Publication Date
April 15, 1987
Mermelstein Seymour
Swimex Systems
A47K 03/10
A63B 69/00
A63B 69/12
A63B 69/12
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