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Polymers are made by polymerisation of an ionic monomer such as methacrylic acid or dialkylaminoalkyl (meth)acrylate or -acrylamtide and/or a substantially non-ionic monomer, optionally a cross linking agent, and an allyl ether of the formula CH2=CR min CH2OAmBnApR where R min is hydrogen or methyl, A is propyleneoxy or butyleneoxy, B is ethyleneoxy, n is zero or an integer, m and p are zero or an integer less than n, and R is a hydrophobic group of at least 8 carbon atoms. The polymers are preferably made by oil in water emulsion polymerisation. They can be used as thickeners particularly in environments containing surfactant and or electrolyte, including especially emulsion paints, print pastes, alkaline liquors and acidic liquors.

Polymeric thickeners and their production.
Application Number
EP19860306081 19860806
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0216479 (A1)
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August 6, 1986
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April 1, 1987
Hawe Malcolm
Farrar David
Allied Colloids
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