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A modulator material is disclosed which has been isolated from macrophage cells that have been incubated with a stimulator material from an invasive stimulus. The modulator material comprises a protein that exhibits the ability to substantially completely suppress the activity of the anabolic enzyme lipoprotein lipase, prevent the differentiation of fat cells, increase the uptake of glucose in muscle cells, and raise antibodies to itself that are effective to protect a host against endotoxin-induced shock. The modulator material demonstrably lacks leucocyte activator activity, and in this latter characteristic distinguishes the known factors identified as Interleukin 1. A particular modulator material has been isolated and has been found to possess a molecular weight of about 17,000 daltons and a pl of 4.7-4.8.; Numerous diagnostic and therapeutic utilities are proposed, and testing procedures, materials in kit form and pharmaceutical compositions are likewise set forth.

Anabolic activity modulator and uses thereof.
Application Number
EP19860110967 19860808
Publication Number
0212489 (A2)
Application Date
August 8, 1986
Publication Date
March 4, 1987
Kawakami Masanobu
Cerami Anthony
Univ Rockefeller
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