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An actuation bar (16), connected to the movable limbs (3) of a closure mechanism for loose-leaf binders, in which the loose-leaf binder has, apart from these movable limbs which are mounted swivellably on a base plate, two further fixed limbs (2) which are anchored on said base plate, and the free ends of the movable limbs can come to rest on those of the fixed limbs for the purpose of forming a closed page-turning guide.; The actuation bar has two bearing arms (5a) which are mounted rotatably on the base plate, the actuation bar consisting of elastic material, the bearing arms being arranged in parallel, but offset relative to each other, the connection pieces (5b) between the apex (5c) of the bar and the bearing arms not lying in the same plane when the actuation bar is unstressed, and the spacing of the two bending points (5d) between each bearing arm with the adjoining connection piece being smaller than the overall length of the bar.

Operating mechanism for a loose-leaf binder with an elastic stirrup.
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EP19860890161 19860603
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0207060 (A1)
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June 3, 1986
Publication Date
December 30, 1986
Horn H J
Bene & Co Buerobedarf
B42F 13/24
B42F 13/00
B42F 13/24
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