0200951-A2 is referenced by 24 patents and cites 3 patents.

A method of high rate anisotropic etching of silicon in a high pressure plasma is described. The etching ambient is a mixture of either NF3 or SF6, N2, and a polymerizing gas such as CHF3 that creates conditions necessary for anisotropy not normally possible with nonpolymerizing fluorinated gases in a high pressure regime. The etch process is characterized by high etch rates and good uniformity utilizing photoresist or similar materials as a mask. In one embodiment the present process is used to etch deep trenches in silicon using a photoresist mask.

Anisotropic silicon etching in fluorinated plasma.
Application Number
EP19860105006 19860411
Publication Number
0200951 (A2)
Application Date
April 11, 1986
Publication Date
November 12, 1986
Mathad Gangadhara Swami
Chen Lee
H01L 21/306
H01L 21/02
H01L 21/3065
H01L 21/302
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