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The present invention is directed to a process for amplifying and detecting any target nucleic acid sequence contained in a nucleic acid or mixture thereof. The process comprises treating separate complementary strands of the nucleic acid with a molar excess of two oligonucleotide primers, extending the primers to form complementary primer extension products which act as templates for synthesizing the desired nucleic acid sequence, and detecting the sequence so amplified. The steps of the reaction may be carried out stepwise or simultaneously and can be repeated as often as desired. In addition, a specific nucleic acid sequence may be cloned into a vector by using primers to amplify the sequence, which contain restriction sites on their non-complementary ends, and a nucleic acid fragment may be prepared from an existing shorter fragment using the amplification process.

Process for amplifying, detecting, and/or cloning nucleic acid sequences.
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EP19860302298 19860327
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0200362 (A2)
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March 27, 1986
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November 5, 1986
Scharf Stephen Joel
Horn Glenn Thomas
Erlich Henry Anthony
Saiki Randall Keichi
Arnheim Norman
Mullis Kary Banks
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