0199451-A2 is referenced by 38 patents.

3'-Azido-3'-deoxythymidine and its threo-3'-azido isomer and their pharmaceutically acceptable derivatives have been found to possess potent therapeutic activity, particularly against human and animal retroviral infections such as HTLV-I, HTLV-III and feline leukaemia virus, as well as against human and animal gram-negative bacterial infections.

Therapeutic nucleosides.
Application Number
EP19860301896 19860314
Publication Number
0199451 (A2)
Application Date
March 14, 1986
Publication Date
October 29, 1986
Freeman George Andrew
Leblanc Harry Sidney
Beacham Iii Lowrie Miller
Furman Phillip Allen
St Clair Martha Heider
Lehrman Sandra Nusinoff
Barry David Walter
Rideout Janet Litster
Wellcome Found
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