0187306-A2 is referenced by 26 patents and cites 8 patents.

A gas chromatography (GC) infra-red (IR) system for analyzing the constituents of a gas sample uses a floating light pipe assembly which is disposed in a bore and troughs of a heater chamber (30) in a heater assembly. The floating light pipe assembly has two transfer tubes (26,28) and a light pipe tube (46) that provide a completely chemically resistant path to the flow of a gas sample and carrier gas from a GC capillary column (14) to a supplemental GC detector (16). The flow path is chemically inert since no contaiminating sealants are used and substantially all of the flow path is gold plated. The light pipe assembly "floats" because it is allowed to thermally expand within the heater chamber (30) so that high reflectivity in the IR region will be maintained as the light pipe assembly is being heated by the heater plates on opposite sides of the heater chamber.

Light-pipe assembly for spectroscopy.
Application Number
EP19850115905 19851213
Publication Number
0187306 (A2)
Application Date
December 13, 1985
Publication Date
July 16, 1986
Adams Gary Eugene
G01N 30/74
G01N 21/05
G01N 30/00
G01N 21/31
G01N 21/03
G01N 30/74
G01N 21/35
G01N 21/03
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