0185427-A2 is referenced by 74 patents and cites 6 patents.

Block polyesters useful as soil release agents in detergent compositions are disclosed. Preferred polyesters have the formula: wherein each R is 1,4-phenylene moiety; the R consist essentially of ethylene moieties, 1,2-propylene moieties or a mixture thereof; each X is ethyl or preferably methyl; each n is from about 12 to about 43; u is from about 3 to about 10.

Block polyesters and like compounds useful as soil release agents in detergent compositions.
Application Number
EP19850202053 19851212
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0185427 (A2)
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December 12, 1985
Publication Date
June 25, 1986
Gosselink Eugene Paul
Procter & Gamble
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C08G 63/68
C08G 63/66
C11D 03/37
C08G 63/00
C11D 03/37
C08G 63/688
C08G 63/66
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