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A hot melt ink jet ink comprises a dispersed solid pigment which is formulated in a wax, or high molecular weight fatty acid or alcohol vehicle to form a hot melt ink which is solid at room temperature but liquid at above 80 DEG C, that is under the usual conditions of use. In a preferred embodiment, dispersed graphite in a non-evaporative oil carrier, such as mineral oil, is formulated with candelilla wax, stearic acid and/or behenic acid.

Hot melt impulse ink jet ink.
Application Number
EP19850308049 19851105
Publication Number
0181198 (A2)
Application Date
November 5, 1985
Publication Date
May 14, 1986
Lin An Chung Robert
Cooke Theodore Michael
Exxon Research Engineering Co
C09D 11/00
C09D 11/00
C09D 11/00
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