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In a redox reaction process and apparatus, the oxidized state of organic compounds is increased by directing oxides of nitrogen, together with an organic reducing agent, through a reaction chamber (15) having catalyst bed (16) of supported gold metal heated by suitable device (17) to a temperature sufficient to reduce the oxides of nitrogen present to nitric oxide, after which the higher oxidized forms of organic compound are recovered as the product. Upstream of the reaction chamber (15), the organic reducing agents can be separated by passage through a chromatographic column (10). The concentration of the oxidized product can be determined by oxidizing the nitric oxide with ozone in a reaction chamber (32) downstream of the reaction chamber (15) and measuring the concentration of excited stated nitrogen dioxide gas with a photomultiplier tube (36).

Method for selective conversion of organic compounds and detecting same by gas chromatography and chemiluminescence detection.
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EP19850305476 19850731
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0174093 (A1)
Application Date
July 31, 1985
Publication Date
March 12, 1986
Nyarady Stefan Alan
Sievers Robert Eugene
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